TEDxDuke 2015: Building Energy


TEDxDuke: March 29, 2015

Hear new ideas, stretch your mind and get involved-this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Last year’s TEDxDuke event was our largest and most ambitious event on record; we’re proud to say that the TEDx program at Duke has exploded over the last few years and with a broader horizon comes a plethora of greater challenges. Whilst thinking about how we would tackle the issues of taking TEDx to the next level on the Duke campus, we considered how we could build energy to help share ideas worth spreading.

We all grapple with how to build energy to create and contribute to society, and we decided that this event was the perfect opportunity to open the floor up to hearing how we all build energy within Duke and the larger Durham community.

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Past Talks

  • Murali Doraiswamy at TEDxDuke 2014

  • Dr. Bill Chameides at TEDxDuke 2014

  • Dr. Jeffrey H. Lawson at TEDxDuke 2014

Past Speakers

    Dan Ariely

    M. Lengemann

    James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics

    Bio Coming Soon

  • 06

    Dan Ariely

  • Christine Schindler


    Christine is a junior at Duke University pursuing degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Global Health. She joined the Global Women’s Health Technologies Lab with Dr.Ramanujam after a summer internship studying global health in the context of BME in Tanzania through Duke Engage. In addition to this, she is the Executive Director and Founder of the non-profit organization Girls Engineering Change, which strives to break down the gender disparities in engineering through a mentorship network for young females. On campus, Christine also holds leadership positions in Duke Partnership for Service, Duke Student Government, and the Duke Catholic Center.

  • 05

    Christine Schindler

  • Chris Heivly


    Managing Director, The Startup Factory

    WEBSITE: www.heivly.com (will be done by event)

    TALK TITLE: Building The Fort

    Chris Heivly is an accomplished executive in the information-technology sector with proven experience in marketing, sales, business development, investment finance and operations.

    One of the co-founders of MapQuest (sold to AOL for $1.2B)
    Managing Director of 77 Capital ($25M Venture Fund)
    CEO, COO or President of several companies ranging in size from $200k to $20M in annual revenue.

    Chris is currently one of two Managing Directors of THE STARTUP FACTORY a seed-level investment fund making 10-14 new investments per year. In addition to TSF, Chris is the founder of the Big Top Job Fair and a national writer and speaker about startups and startup communities.

    Chris’s topic, Building the Fort will share the various personal & professional challenges he has faced and how they have informed his success & failures.

  • 07

    Chris Heivly

  • Aaron Chatterji


    As an business school professor and former White House economist, Aaron will explore how the U.S. can use technology to address its most significant challenge: lowering costs in our health care and education systems, while delivering greater value to patients and students. However, technology alone will NOT get it done. We need a new approach to understanding how humans and technology interact in our health care and education systems to guide smart technology adoption and implementation.

  • 04

    Aaron Chatterji

  • Atrayus Goode

    Atrayus Photo

    Atrayus Goode represented the Black Student Movement as the 2006-2007 Mr. BSM. As a 2007 graduate of UNC. For his Mr. BSM project, Atrayus created Movement of Youth, Inc. and currently serves as the Executive Director of the program. Movement of Youth, Inc. is a comprehensive educational and mentoring program built to expand educational opportunities for diverse high school students in the Durham Public Schools System.

  • 01

    Atrayus Goode

  • Murali

    Muradi Doriaswammy

    MURALI DORAISWAMY, M.D., a renowned expert on brain longevity and mental health, is head of Duke University’s Biological Psychiatry division and a Senior Fellow at Duke’s Center for the Study of Aging. As Director of Psychiatry Clinical Trials at Duke for nearly ten years, he received numerous awards for his work as an investigator on landmark studies. The author of more than two hundred scientific articles, Dr.Doraiswamy has served as an adviser to the Food and Drug Administration, the American Federation for Aging Research, the National Institutes of Aging, and the World Health Organization, as well as leading Alzheimer’s medical journals and advocacy groups. His research has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times, and on CBS News, The Today Show, NPR, and the BBC.

  • 11


  • Jeffrey Lawson

    JHL Headshot

    Jeffrey H. Lawson, MD, PhD is a vascular surgeon and vascular biologist at Duke Medicine who helped develop the technology to create a bioengineered blood vessel and transplanted it into the arm of a patient with end-stage kidney disease. He says that, “It’s exciting to see something you’ve worked on for so long become a reality. We talk about translational technology – developing ideas from the laboratory to clinical practice – and this only happens where there is the multi-disciplinary support and collaboration to cultivate it.”

  • 08

    Jeffrey Lawson

  • Dr. Bill Chameides


    Occupation/Title: Dean, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

    Talk Title: Are Artists the Ultimate Environmentalists?

    Bill is an atmospheric scientist whose honors include election to the National Academy of Sciences. With an abiding interest in the arts and more specifically in the role of the arts in connecting people to the environment he challenges us all to access the artist within to propagate an ethic of planetary stewardship.

    What is it about art that transports, astonishes, inspires? Its power to move us is almost as remarkable as the work itself. Every day, the images, sounds, and smells of the world literally assail our senses. Yet we often go about our lives consumed by day-to-day struggles and routines, oblivious to the marvels that abound. But then an artist comes along and interprets this very same world — through images, music, a story, a performance — and suddenly we are moved. Engaged. Emotionally connected to the planet and often committed to its protection.

    Bill blogs at TheGreenGrok.com, ScientificAmerican.com, The Huffington Post and National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge blog and has a monthly column entitled “Artful Planet” published in ConservationMagazine.com.

  • 03

    Dr. Bill Chameides

  • Mikkel Holm Jenson


    Concept Design Manager LEGO Future Lab

    Bio Coming Soon

  • 12

    Mikkel Holm Jenson

  • Kari Barclay


    Kari Barclay is an AB Duke Scholar who has a passion for theater. He has directed plays at Duke and at local independanttheaters. He believes that plays can be a powerful tool for social change and has worked hard to represent minority groups since he was in high school. He has excelled at many poetry competitions, and likes to do service work in Nicaragua and work with local refugees.

  • 09

    Kari Barclay

  • Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam



    Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Duke Global Health Institute, Director, Global Women’s Health Technologies, Founder, Zenalux, Inc.

    Talk Title:

    Transcending boundaries to achieve sustainable solutions to women’s health

    Bio and Talk Background:

    Prof. Ramanujam’s is leading a multi-disciplinary effort at Duke to develop point of care technologies for women’s health and in particular, breast and cervical cancers. She has also spun out a company, Zenalux, to commercialize several of the technologies developed in her lab. In October 2013, Prof. Ramanujam founded the Global Women’s Health Technologies Center to increase research, training and education in women’s diseases, and to increase retention of women and underrepresented minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educational disciplines locally and globally.

  • Untitled-1

    Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam

  • Alana Jackson

    Alana Jackson

    The Undercover Artist: Stretching Your Creative Muscles”

    Alana’s early experiences as a caregiver compelled her to pursue a career in medicine. Although prepared to abandon her love of the arts in pursuit of this career, participating in the Global Health Focus Program revealed how her seemingly disparate interests complement one another to promote healing and holistic care. At Duke, she studied how public health and the arts intersect and piloted a dance class series for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease. She continues to leverage her performance background in hopes of empowering communities that have lost their independence, identity, or physical abilities. Alana will discuss the ways arts can coexist within medicine and healthcare. She advocates the value of interdisciplinary approaches to optimize outcomes, revolutionize our fields, and enrich our lives.

    Major: Program II: “Intersections of Public Health and the Performing Arts”

    Status/ Occ: Alum T’13, Duke Pathways Fellow

    Performance background: Singer/songwriter, dancer, spoken word artist

  • 02

    Alana Jackson

Meet Our Team

    Dan Li


    The first TED Talk I watched was one of Hans Rosling’s talks. He heavily used the Gapminder statistics visualization tool he developed, showing how empires grew and fell over time. Bubbles of countries expanded and shrunk, moving interactively around a plot. I was enthralled by the unique presentation and inspiration in his passionate delivery.
    Since then, I’ve been a huge fan of TED Talks. Having worked with this team on campus since my freshman year, it’s been a huge learning experience. I’m excited and privileged to help bring TEDx to Duke University as Co-President this year!

  • team1

    Dan Li

  • Suman Gidwani


    I think TED is one of the most exciting ways of getting insight into things you may have never thought about and being inspired by people who are pushing boundaries in every field. After speaking at a TEDxYouth conference in high school, I wanted to continue my involvement here at Duke. I had an amazing time being Marketing Director for TEDxDuke because so much of marketing is about embracing the spirit of TED and using new and innovative solutions to get people excited about the event! Outside of being involved in Duke, I love to dance and I hope to be a doctor some day.

  • team3

    Suman Gidwani

  • Matt Hamilton


    Matt Hamilton is a sophomore from Connecticut. He is still uncertain what he is studying — which is only slightly problematic given that the deadline for declaring majors is next month. He is a part of TEDxDuke because he believes in the importance of facilitating intellectual engagement at Duke and in connecting Duke students with the rest of the Durham and Research Triangle.

  • team6

    Matt Hamilton

  • Gavin Ovsak


    After giving a TED talk in 2010, I was inspired to help spread TED wherever I went. I have been the tech lead for TEDxDuke in freshman and sophomore years and am excited at how much the event has grown over the years. I am very happy to have had the chance to meet all of the amazing people who have spoken at TEDxDuke and who have worked together to make the events a success.

  • team7

    Gavin Ovsak

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